Value Forecasting

Benefit of valuation forecasting?

An accurate valuation forecast provides strategic insights on the future and current value of your product, the commercial opportunities and possible return on investment.

This financial solution enables you to gather the financial insights behind the development of your product, as well as convince investors and other stakeholders.

What is the €VALUATOR

Our valuation tool is an easy-to-use, flexible MS Excel-based valuation tool with integrated risk assessment and powerful analysis features for the life science industry. The €VALUATOR can be used in relation to project valuation, partnering, portfolio management, funding, company valuation and/or acquisitions and sales of assets/enterprises. The valuation tooling assists with the challenge of modelling uptake curves or peak market share and trends. Learning from previous product launch analogues and loss of exclusivity models are also useful inputs to assist in determining likely uptakes and erosion curves respectively.

Each forecast has its own challenges and forecast assumptions are important to capture and track to ensure transparency in forecast generation and to facilitate easier comparisons and updates following key events. The €valuator is built on broad expertise & experience from the life science industry and has been improved and fine-tuned with valuable inputs from clients.

Benefits of the €VALUATOR?

Having real time insights in your product and company valuation provides a solid basis for making strategic business decisions that have a financial impact. The €VALUATOR entails the following:

  • The tried and tested tooling helps avoiding errors and saves time to build and correct home-made models and formulas.

  • The €VALUATOR provides for standardized business cases which makes them comparable.

  • The €VALUATOR can run all kinds of financial scenarios, which makes it easy to optimize deal terms.

  • It automatically generates high quality outputs like graphs and sensitivity analysis, providing clear insights & input for board meetings or shareholders & investment meetings

  • The outputs of €VALUATOR support:

  Fundraising efforts

  Supervisory Board/ Shareholders Meetings

  Licensing / M&A negotiations

Why Whale Bay & Co?

Proven Tool
The €VALUATOR is developed specifically for life science companies and takes for example into account the product phase and attrition rates. The €VALUATOR is tried and tested and was used to close more than 20 deals (total deal value excluding royalties exceeding $ 7 billion).
We are flexible in the required support, either solely providing the €VALUATOR, provide technical support and if preferred provide a full fledged valuation report.
The output of the €VALUATOR is as good as the data put in. Our primary and secondary market research capabilities can provide you with quality data to be easily included in the model. If needed, it can be updated on a frequent (e.g. quarterly/annually) basis.
Competitive and transparent pricing
We keep the costs low without compromising on quality and are flexible in our subscription terms on the €VALUATOR. We will provide you with a clear and fixed quote up-front.

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